rememory box

Final Project — delce @ 9:13 am

I was thinking about how I wanted to rework my project when I had to watch a video on Philip Zimbardo’s theory of Past, Present, and Future-orientation for my Dexign for Future class. At the same time, I was researching art projects about memories and came across this Memory and Loss installation:

Merging the two ideas together, I came up with the idea for a rethink of the memory box. I have carried my memory box to each of the 17 apartments I’ve had as an adult but I never look into it unless I’m moving. And then only for few minutes. The rememory box would allow you to interact with your memories on a regular basis.

password: rememory

Wired Magazine: Even More Raspberry Pi

Reference — delce @ 4:36 pm

Some interesting hacks with a raspberry pi

Precedent Analysis

Precedent Analysis,Reference — delce @ 1:51 pm

I am really interested in wearables and I am intrigued by the work of Anouk Wipprecht. Specifically her intimacy dress, which uses smart e-foils, which becomes transparent when you run a current through it.


I am also interested in projected images but I haven’t thoroughly thought through how to combine the electric foil with the projected image. Here is one of the projected images I found interesting:

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