“RjDj” by Reality Jockey Ltd. (story told by Roman Mars @ 99% Invisible) (2010 – Present)

Assignment,Precedent Analysis,Project01 — Tags: — John Mars @ 4:08 am

Context-aware, reactive, augmented reality music platform being embedded into a series of apps.


“Ishin-Den-Shin” by Olivier Bau, Ivan Popyrev, and Yuri Suzuki @ Disney Research (2013)

Assignment,Precedent Analysis,Project01 — Tags: — John Mars @ 3:48 am

Using the human body as a speaker, Ishin-Den-Shin converts and amplifies sound spoken into a microphone and passes it to the listener through a touch of the finger.


Project00 – Background – John Mars

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John Mars, at your service. I’m a first-year grad here in the MTID program, just graduated from the Architecture program at RISD.

The future lies not in the augmentation of ourselves with technology, but in the collaboration with its new intelligence. I want to give that intelligence to the things that pervade our lives.

In general, all of my works are available at john-mars.com. Of relevance to this class are Interface, Computing Drawing, WebSounds/piano, Block Island, Shells, and Jitterbug. Plus, here’s a fun little YouTube playlist of examples for your enjoyment:

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