“SpiroSmart: using a microphone to measure lung function on a mobile phone” Eric C. Larson, et al (2012)

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Link to paper. SpiroSmart is a technology that allows users to test pulmonary function by blowing into a microphone on a cell phone. The project uses a custom mobile application that measures input from the phone’s built-in mic. The intention of the project was to determine whether at home spirometry could be a viable option to measure health related outcomes. I was attracted to this project because it was such a simple yet powerful way of using existing technology to improve health.

TransWall, Heejeong Heo, et al (2013)

Link to project. This project utilizes a transducer to detect vibrations on a transparent glass panel. I thought this project was an interesting way of communicating with people and interfaces in a more immersive way. Microphones are attached to either side of the panel and allows users to communicate “through” the wall.

Making: CONTACT, Felix Faire (2014)

This project is aimed at turning normal every day surfaces into an audio interface that users can interact with both visually and haptically.  I thought that this project was a creative exploration in converting mundane objects into sources of creativity. It was also interesting in that it turned those surfaces into their own type of “products”. It brought the creative/play process into the immediate environment.



R. Israel Gonzales – Background

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My name is Israel Gonzales, and I am a behavioral researcher in the cognitive sciences. I am from Los Angeles, CA, and I most recently conducted studies in User Research for mobile and web applications. I am focused on using principles in interaction design to engineer immersive interactive experiences with tangible interfaces.

You can find my work at israelgonzales.squarespace.com


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