Omead Kohanteb – Background

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Hello! My name is Omead Kohanteb and I am a new MHCI student. After graduating from Berkeley with a major in cognitive science, I have worked as a web developer and UX researcher/designer over the last year. I am excited to venture out of the web space and into the physical realm. I am particularly interested in how ubiquitous computing can enhance our experience with nature and how it can help us to be more environmentally sustainable. I am in the process of creating my personal website, but I have uploaded a couple screenshots of a home remodeling website I worked on over the summer:

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 5.30.56 PM


“A Drifting Up” by Syed Reza Ali (2009)

A Drifting Up is a project I was shown over the summer of a flocking particle system that responds to sound. Its response creates particle sub-systems within the larger whole. It is a complicated system that yields an interesting visual effect, but to take something like this a step further and manifest physically somehow could be even more intriguing.


“The Visual Microphone” by Abe Davis, et al. @ MIT (2014)

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Extracting sound information from minute vibrations of objects picked up by high-speed video.


“RjDj” by Reality Jockey Ltd. (story told by Roman Mars @ 99% Invisible) (2010 – Present)

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Context-aware, reactive, augmented reality music platform being embedded into a series of apps.


“Ishin-Den-Shin” by Olivier Bau, Ivan Popyrev, and Yuri Suzuki @ Disney Research (2013)

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Using the human body as a speaker, Ishin-Den-Shin converts and amplifies sound spoken into a microphone and passes it to the listener through a touch of the finger.


R. Israel Gonzales – Background

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My name is Israel Gonzales, and I am a behavioral researcher in the cognitive sciences. I am from Los Angeles, CA, and I most recently conducted studies in User Research for mobile and web applications. I am focused on using principles in interaction design to engineer immersive interactive experiences with tangible interfaces.

You can find my work at


Tommy Doyle

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Hello! My name is Tommy Doyle and I am currently a Senior majoring in Computer Science and Human Computer Interaction. My background is highly technical with experience in software engineering, mobile development, and web development. As well I have experience in interaction design (mostly UX and UI) and User Research. My goal with any design I create is to bring powerful technology to the user and to add a bit of joy to every experience.

With this course, I hope to dive into an area of interaction design that I do not have as much experience in. I hope to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone and produce some work I’m really proud of.

The work I am most proud of so far has been around booth during carnival on campus. Below is a link to the game that I played a part in making in the spring of 2013.

Journey to Paradise Falls from Andy Biar on Vimeo.

Here is a picture of the outside of the booth!


More of my work is available here:

I’m looking forward to the semester and what it holds in store!

Yeliz Karadayi – Background

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I graduated the 5-year Architecture program here at CMU, which makes this my 6th year in Pittsburgh. Through my education I have taken on an interest the process of fabrication in architecture, which is currently often designed such that each iteration yields a physical product. I will be exploring design processes that symbiotically integrate the power of digital fabrication; this would work such that a designer is not simply hitting “Run” on a robot and looking at the finished prototype and reacting to that, but instead responding to real-time feedback from the digital fabrication on some data, re-adjusting the fabrication process as a prototype is being made.

Some work I have done in the past speak to this concept, but most don’t really. Visit my website to see more of my projects:

Petal Pavilion

Digital Nouveau:

Yeliz-Esra_03 Yeliz-Esra_10Yeliz-Esra_02 Yeliz-Esra_07

Dan Russo

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My past educational background in architecture provided a broad exposure to many interdisciplinary topics.  While studying architecture my main focuses developed around global culture and the impacts technology have made in the built environment. Both digital and hand fabrication techniques were employed to explore these interests in differing ways.  I also worked as a student web developer, where I worked on various tools for faculty and students on mobile platforms.

Both of these opportunities have brought my focus to investigating communication with dynamic environments, in which our experiences become energized 2- way conversations involving objects and people alike.  I hope to fully explore environments that can raise as many questions as they resolve.

A portfolio of my previous work can be found at


Below is a short video documenting the assembly of a full scale prototype for Reactive Space

[vimeo 104267680 w=500&h=280]


Background – Patt Virasathienpornkul

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Hi all!

I’m Patt, and I am doing an accelerated graduate program in Mechanical Engineering. I am passionate in integrating hardware and software, while quickly learn the wonderful things you can create by mixing art with technology. In the next 15 weeks, I am hoping to be exposed to new technology, to learn different techniques for making things interactive, and to collaborate with people – because that’s when amazing stuff happen.

For now, here is an example of my work:

For more, you can visit my website:

really looking forward to meeting you all!


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