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I have been working on Max since last week. I have decided to use kinect to map depth and movement of a person. When the location of the person interacts with the 3d model of the dataset, sound will be generated.
This is the demo of test set up of Kinect-Max-Ableton working together. Patch creates sound based on hand motion and distance(depth) from the sensor.

Next Step is to import a 3d model of the database in the patch so that interaction of person and dataset can result in music.


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Better late than never is what they say right? Well after a few speed bumps, the ultimate surveillance tool is complete!

Spybrero from Tommy Doyle on Vimeo.

The Spybrero uses a raspberry pi in conjunction with a raspberry pi camera module to create a spy cam. The raspberry pi (via the GPIO pins) is attached to conductive thread that runs down the sides of the sombrero into the shirt of the user. The thread then continues down the sleeve to the button at the end of the sleeve. When the button is pressed, the program on the raspberry pi takes a photo and saves it to the SD card.


Sensate – Concept Video

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Sensate – Concept Video from Tommy Doyle on Vimeo.

rememory box

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I was thinking about how I wanted to rework my project when I had to watch a video on Philip Zimbardo’s theory of Past, Present, and Future-orientation for my Dexign for Future class. At the same time, I was researching art projects about memories and came across this Memory and Loss installation:


Merging the two ideas together, I came up with the idea for a rethink of the memory box. I have carried my memory box to each of the 17 apartments I’ve had as an adult but I never look into it unless I’m moving. And then only for few minutes. The rememory box would allow you to interact with your memories on a regular basis.

password: rememory

“Simplified” Concept Video

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Simplified Concept Video from Amy Friedman on Vimeo.


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Circles in Motion

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Circles in Motion from Dan Russo on Vimeo.


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Live Time Lapse Video

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While a fellow at the artist residency Mildred’s Lane I documented their integration of art and life through time lapse photography. These videos are on display at the Museum of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago this Fall as part of a larger exploration of Mildred’s Lane’s philosophy.
I was fascinated with the way that time lapse photography could give meaning to mundane activities and change how we understand these activities.
In general the cleaning of Carnegie Mellon is something that happens at night. The custodians come in the middle of night and faculty and students rarely see or know the people that keep the school going. They’re taken for granted.
Time lapse photography can make these activities  beautiful while projected video can make these activities visible.
I will be creating Raspberry Pi cameras that will collect time lapse footage, which is then edited, and and projected in a highly visible location on campus.


myPath – Final Project – Concept Video

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