Live Time Lapse 2

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For the second iteration of my Live Time Lapse prototype I have independently developed four aspects of this project:

1, Camera Operation

2, Uploading Photos

3, Creating Video

4, Mobile App

I have approached this project with the premise that other people know how to do all the above better than I could; I saw my job as researching what others had done. I identified requirements for each individual aspect of my project and identified programs and related hardware that would fulfill these requirements.

1, Camera Operations:

I wanted a camera that was cheap and easily configurable with good image quality. A Raspberry Pi Coupled with a RaspiCam fulfilled these requirements. The 5 MegaPixels images are fine for time lapse and you can adjust the camera settings and there’s a lot of code already written for these cameras.  The most interesting code I found was from James Welling of fotosyn, a photo developer which has also created a variety of interesting apps. There’s a great blog post about the timelapse camera he developed and created. I used this code to initiate my time lapse sequence with the following code:

This code can be downloaded here.

2, Uploading Photos

I used an amazing piece of code called Dropbox Uploader on the Raspberry Pi to upload images to Dropbox. This piece of code took a bit to actually figure out how to use given my limited knowledge of Python, but eventually I was able to get it to work.  One instructable post really helped with this.  As well another post pointed me in the right direction towards understanding how to create a python script to add to the above mentioned raspiLapseCam script.

Here’s the code to make the Dropbox Uploader work.

This piece of the code indicates the director whose images are uploaded

This piece below indicates the directory which is created in the App portion of your Dropbox folder (which you create when installing Dropbox Uploader on your Raspberry Pi).

In addition there is another piece of code I am trying to get to use. On the Dropbox Uploader Git Hub instructions under Optional Parameters, Andrea Fabrizi (the developer) indicates that you can use the “-s” to not upload images which already exist in the Dropbox. I don’t know how to use that piece of code yet. If anyone knows, that would be great!

3, Creating Video

I identified MAXmsp/Jitter as a program I had some familiarity with, which also had a lot of documentation, and which someone had already created a “patch” for that I could use. I found this person whose name is Gian Pablo Villamil. The time lapse looping is now working, but it is not directed to the correct Dropbox folder. This should be a simple fix.

What won’t be as simple is perhaps translating this patch to Pure Data so it can work directly on a Raspberry Pi.

4, Mobile App

Raspberry Pi’s are endlessly configurable, but their user interface is terrible. It would be awesome to operate a camera and timelapse directly from a mobile app. This is something that forosyn is working on. I was able to install their BerryCam Express and get it to work from my iPhone. You can use their BerryCam app to take pictures remotely from your phone. They are also promising timelapse functionality, which would be nice.   I found their app worked really well.

The Mobile App isn’t necessary for my final project, but it is exciting to experiment with.

Here’s a video:


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