Formatting Guidelines

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Please follow the following formatting guidelines when posting to the blog.


  1. Only use embedded video sources such as Vimeo and YouTube.
  2. Videos must be exactly 500px wide.
  3. Do not enable autoplay.


  1. Images may be embedded or uploaded to the site.
  2. Images must be exactly 500px wide.
  3. Landscape oriented is preferred.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 2.32.50 PM


  1. For blocks of code, please use the “Crayon Code” plugin by clicking the <> icon located at the far right of the toolbar.
  2. Always use a title for your code snippet.
  3. Always select what language you are entering. This helps with formatting and highlighting.
  4. Please don’t insert very large (>50 lines) blocks of code on the blog. For complete files, please link to Github.



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