Background- Priya Ganadas

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Hi, I’m Priya. I am an Electrical Engineer. I ventured into Interaction Design to understand human side of making things. I freelanced for a year and majorly worked on few mobile applications, interactive toys and couple of gaming projects-both board games and digital games. Astronomy is one of my strong interest and I’m yet to make a solid space themed game.
Here is my website
I’m posting one of our test videos for the augmented reality game that I was working on before I left India for CMU.

Planet Found from Priya Ganadas on Vimeo.

Background — Alan Herman

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Hi! my name is Alan. I graduated last year from undergrad at CMU. I am originally from Venezuela. Now I am doing the MHCI program.

Omead Kohanteb – Background

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Hello! My name is Omead Kohanteb and I am a new MHCI student. After graduating from Berkeley with a major in cognitive science, I have worked as a web developer and UX researcher/designer over the last year. I am excited to venture out of the web space and into the physical realm. I am particularly interested in how ubiquitous computing can enhance our experience with nature and how it can help us to be more environmentally sustainable. I am in the process of creating my personal website, but I have uploaded a couple screenshots of a home remodeling website I worked on over the summer:

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 5.30.56 PM


Background – Patt Virasathienpornkul

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Hi all!

I’m Patt, and I am doing an accelerated graduate program in Mechanical Engineering. I am passionate in integrating hardware and software, while quickly learn the wonderful things you can create by mixing art with technology. In the next 15 weeks, I am hoping to be exposed to new technology, to learn different techniques for making things interactive, and to collaborate with people – because that’s when amazing stuff happen.

For now, here is an example of my work:

For more, you can visit my website:

really looking forward to meeting you all!


Project 00 – Background- Amy Friedman

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I’m Amy Friedman, my background is in Architecture, but for my final year of school I focused on learning to code, design and develop wearable technology.

I want to create innovative, ergonomic wearable interactive technology to help decrease obesity rates by improving peoples’ daily activity, and further strengthening the importance of healthy living. There is a disconnect between what is advocated as a healthy lifestyle and what people truly accomplish each day.

My works can be found at . My works relating to this course involved Whisker, and Ba.S.I.S.

Ba.S.I.S from Amy Friedman on Vimeo.

Project00 – Background – John Mars

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John Mars, at your service. I’m a first-year grad here in the MTID program, just graduated from the Architecture program at RISD.

The future lies not in the augmentation of ourselves with technology, but in the collaboration with its new intelligence. I want to give that intelligence to the things that pervade our lives.

In general, all of my works are available at Of relevance to this class are Interface, Computing Drawing, WebSounds/piano, Block Island, Shells, and Jitterbug. Plus, here’s a fun little YouTube playlist of examples for your enjoyment:

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