Precedent Analysis 2

— Jakob Marsico @ 9:25 am


Being aware of and able to describe the influence of related work is important when developing new projects. This round of precedent analysis is to get you thinking about the area that you want to do research in for your final project. When starting to research your field, it’s important to cast a broad net. For this assignment, you need to find three pieces of existing work related to the general theme of your final research project. Each example must be from a different area: art, industry, academia.

By this point in the semester, you should also start thinking about what outlet you’ll be working towards for your final project; entering into an art show, submitting a paper to an academic conference,  or pushing towards a mention in a few major blogs.


  1. One blog post containing three projects related to the general theme of your final project for this class.
    1. You must submit one project from each of the following fields:
      1. Art
      2. Academia
      3. Industry
    2. If you can find a video, please embed it per the posting guidelines. If it’s an academic paper, you must post a link to the PDF.
    3. Include at least 100 words describing the piece and how it could inform your final project. If you can’t think of things to write, take a look at the Precedent Analysis Guidelines.
  2. In the same blog post, describe what outlet you think you’ll be working towards for your final deliverable.
    1. If there is a deadline, what is the deadline.
    2. Be specific. “Art Show” is not enough.



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