Project 02 – Micro Assignment 01 – I/O

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We are going to use the wiringPi library to make some cool stuff with openFrameworks. You may also want to use graphics or audioOutput to make your program sizzle.


You have until next Monday 9/15 to build an interface that converts digital inputs to graphics or sound or both. You will need to use at least three inputs and you can make these simple switches or you can use buttons, etc from the CoDe lab. The output just has to show up as graphics or sound.

The choice of concept is up to you. You may want to make a Theremin, maybe animate using a steel ball rolling over copper traces, embed conductive thread into clothing that connects a switch that taps a beat as you swing your arms while running. You just have to make something. Get your hands dirty and start working right away. We aren’t super concerned about your concept, but that you push yourself technically. If you are an oF whiz then you may want to focus on hardware, if you fabricate awesome stuff and want to work more on programming, then spend more cycles there. These microassignments are intended to allow you to work on something you haven’t done b)efore and we want you to talk about what you learned and how you learned to do it in your blog post (see Deliverables).



  • Demo – Due Monday 9/15
    • Must be working!!!
    • Prepare a 3 minute demo presentation.
  • Blog Post – Due Monday 9/15 at 11:59pm
    • Include video (crappy video is fine)
    • At least 4  images
    • Explanatory text describing:
      • Concept
      • Process
      • Lessons learned


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