Project 02 – Micro Assignment 02 – Spy Device

— Jakob Marsico @ 8:01 am


Use the Raspberry Pi, openFrameworks and WiringPi to design and build a device that could be used by a spy. The device can be used for surveillance, to distract or confuse, for communication, or for any purpose that might help a James Bond type.


You have one week to build a spy device. The goal of the project is to push yourself to discover the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi and openFrameworks; from media capture and playback, to networked communication and remote control. You could build a device that captures photographs over time and sends them to you. You could build something that senses when a person is near and lowers a dollar bill. Maybe you want to sense the presence of people and distract them with a sound. This assignment is meant for you to teach yourself new technical skills, so in your blog post, talk about the skill set your taught yourself and list any limitations you ran into (processing power, video quality, etc).

The device must use at least one physical input or sensor input. This includes a camera, microphone, sensor, arduino or switch. It must also use at least one rich media type (sound, video, image, openCV, data-over-time). The device must also be rugged: we will be dropping it from 12 inches onto the floor to test. You can work in a pair or solo. Don’t do anything illegal.



  • Device – Due Wednesday 9/24
    • Use least one physical input (switch, sensor, camera, microphone, arduino)
    • Use at least one rich media type (sound, video, image, CV, data-over-time)
    • Rugged construction. It muse be enclosed and “droppable” from 12 inches.
  • Demo – Due Wednesday 9/24
    • Must be working!
    • Prepare a 3 minute demo presentation.
  • Blog Post – Due Wednesday 9/24 at 11:59pm
    • Include video (crappy video is fine)
    • At least 4  images
    • Explanatory text describing:
      • Concept
      • Process
      • Lessons learned


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