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Carlo Ratti (2008)

MIT SENSEable City Lab


Double-Taker (Snout), Interactive Robot from Golan Levin on Vimeo. (2008)




J. Mayer H (2002)

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  1. Hey Dan, here are some you can check out on the sociology of space if you are interested. A lot of the writing on the social theory side is politically charged, so keep that in mind. However, the general theme in all of the work is non-political: that our experience and understanding of space is greatly affected by social experiences and/or cultural narratives.

    1) Martina Löw and Nigel Thrift. Their work has to do with how meaning is constructed around space, and the interplay of arrangement, human interaction and broader social structures.

    2) Erving Goffman and Randall Collins. Their work focuses on meaning constructed through interactions between individuals and groups, but space plays a large role in framing these interactions. These theorists’ work is probably going to factor strongly into what I end up making for my final project.

    3) You might be interested in Foucault’s writing about Heterotopia. Check it out on Wikipedia. It’s more inspiration than anything else.

    4) Psychogeography. It’s about breaking routine and encouraging novel forms of action and interaction. The Situationists talked a lot about this, but actual theory behind it is a bit lacking. Nevertheless, it might inspire your work.

    I hope you find something inspiring in all of this! Let me know if you have any questions. Some of the writing can be pretty opaque, especially the stuff written in the 80s and later.

    Comment by Ryan Brill — October 2, 2014 @ 12:33 pm

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