Project 02 – Mini Assignment 03 – Networking and Power

— Jakob Marsico @ 8:08 am


Use OSC to communicate between two computers and make something happen. The output must actuate three things that require an external power source.



You have one week to build two applications that live on two different computers. The first application must read a basic input. This could be a sensor, video, audio or anything. It must then send relevant data over the network via OSC to an application running on a second computer. The second computer must use that information to actuate (via transistors) three physical outputs that require external power sources.


  1. Due Wednesday 10.8.2014 in class.
  2. Two applications on two computers.
  3. Application one:
    1. Sense something
    2. Send OSC messages to second application
  4. Application two:
    1. Receive OSC
    2. Use information to actuate at least three (3) physical outputs.
    3. Each output must require and use an external power source.



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