Project 03 – Final Documentation

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Your final documentation is due December 16 by midnight. Late work will not be accepted.

The following are required:

  • 4 Press quality images (High res, professionally taken) – use a photo booth or room
  • 1 Video documenting the finished project. this should be at least 1 minute long
  • A short writeup:
    • Concept – Describe the thought process behind your work. Did this begin as a solution to a specific need? Did this result from an exploration of a specific technologies? What is the story behind your project and how will it be utilized?
    • Related Work – Summarize the field in which your project sits. You will likely need to provide references and may use the ACM reference guide.
    • Process – Describe the iterative process behind this work. Please provide detail as to how your project evolved conceptually with each prototype developed.
    • Lessons Learned – Please describe the most important lesson learned in a way that others may use/repeat your work. You may post code, a 3D model, wiring diagram, etc. This is a chance to give something back to your classmates and the community at large.
    • References

You may need to include in-line diagrams an images along with this text. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we will do our best to clarify. There is no word limit but please be reasonable and write a concise description that effectively communicates your ideas.



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