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I graduated the 5-year Architecture program here at CMU, which makes this my 6th year in Pittsburgh. Through my education I have taken on an interest the process of fabrication in architecture, which is currently often designed such that each iteration yields a physical product. I will be exploring design processes that symbiotically integrate the power of digital fabrication; this would work such that a designer is not simply hitting “Run” on a robot and looking at the finished prototype and reacting to that, but instead responding to real-time feedback from the digital fabrication on some data, re-adjusting the fabrication process as a prototype is being made.

Some work I have done in the past speak to this concept, but most don’t really. Visit my website to see more of my projects:

Petal Pavilion

Digital Nouveau:

Yeliz-Esra_03 Yeliz-Esra_10Yeliz-Esra_02 Yeliz-Esra_07


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