Raspberry Pi Open Frameworks Demo

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RasPI GPIO Demo from Dan Russo on Vimeo.

This example demonstrates the use of physical input (GPIO pins) to activate an on screen graphic response.  All of the computation is completed by the raspberry pi, which is utilizing open frameworks to generate the graphics and access the digital read pins.  There are 3 buttons (momentary) that each activate a different geometry.  The buttons can be activated separately or in various combinations to alter the graphic.

This was my first experience using raspberry pi and open frameworks, as well as any programing interface that uses true C++.  One of the most crucial things I learned while working through this demo, was the process of coding and compiling C++.  Learning the role of the uncompiled file structure was a rewarding experience that allowed a closer look into how the programming language utilizes memory allocation.  The use of the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins was also a crucial learning portion of the demo.  The GPIO interface of the Raspberry Pi differ’s from other micro controllers in some ways, so dealing with a more complex process provided a better look into wiring switches and sensors to digital read inputs.




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