How to Upload Image From RaspberryPi (RPi) to Dropbox using OpenFrameworks (OFx)

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Okay! here is the explanation, hopefully its not super hard to get it working.

Link to explanation with cool colored text:

For the instructions by the creator of Dropbox-Uploader go here, these are not specific to the RaspberryPi and OpenFrameworks, they are meant to be for all environments thus they may be harder to use specifically for our case.


1) get the Dropbox Uploader software from github. To do this the full instructions are at ( but the simplest method is to connect your RPi and from the home directory (which is the one you should be at by default when you connect your RPi) type on the terminal the following command:
git clone

2) Then move to the directory where Dropbox-Uploader is (which should just mean you have to type cd Dropbox-Uploader) and in it you want to give the right permissions to the script by typing the following command (you may have to play a little with the +x option, it gave me some trouble. I think you can say chmod help and it will give you a list of options):
chmod +x

3) Then you want to run the script which will guide you through some configuration options. To run the script, the command should be:

4) One of the configuration options is whether you want your app to have access to all of your dropbox or just to a specific folder, I said just to a specific folder which I think makes things easier to control. The rest of the instructions are based on the assumption that you are choosing that option. You should create a folder in the Apps folder in your dropbox, I think you should have one by default, you should be able to create a folder on this dropbox for developers url

5) Switch to your openFrameworks app directory i.e. opt/openFrameworks/apps/myApps/myCoolApp Now you can do the cool stuff. The thing I really liked about how this integrated is that my actual interaction with dropbox takes only one line on the code. I save the file I want to upload on the RPi and then I just get it from the directory where it is at and save it to dropbox.

6) So now, wherever in your app you want to upload your file to dropbox you will place that one line of code mentioned on the previous step. I put the line right after saving the image file to my raspberry pi (for which I used the image saving example on the examples/graphics folder for openFrameworks) The line is basically going to have the form system(“command that we will specify”). What will basically happen is that whatever is between the quotes will be executed from the command line. We are momentarily leaving openFrameworks and running something from the command line. The specific line for uploading is going to look something like this: system(“../../../../../home/pi/Dropbox-Uploader/ upload ../bin/data/uploadFile.png uploadFile.png”)

Once that is done, your file should get uploaded to Dropbox… but it usually doesn’t happen on the first try, I had to play a lot with the location paths for all the files. I am going to explain in a little more detail each part of the quoted command so that hopefully getting the command just right is easy. So…

../../../../../home/pi/Dropbox-Uploader/ this is the path for where the file is in relation to the directory where the app home is. ../../../../../ with this we are going up five directories, so basically to the terminal right before we enter the opt folder. Then from this directory we want to go to the directory /home/pi/Dropbox-Uploader/ where the dropbox uploader file is and here we run the script

upload this says that from the dropbox uploader we want to use the upload functionality.

../bin/data/uploadFile.png and what we want to upload is the file called uploadFile.png which is located in the folder bin/data to which we get access once we go up one directory ../ from the src folder where our compiled code is (I think).

And then since we configured our app to have access to one specific dropbox folder, we don’t need to specify the directory where we are saving in dropbox and instead can just type the name we want the file to have in dropbox uploadFile.png.

that’s it.


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