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Color Detector from Amy Friedman on Vimeo.

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Concept: Our concept was to create an encoded message device, which will output a secret message if the right colors are recorded by the camera in the correct sequence.

Process: First we needed to create the program that would be able to read blob detections to identify one color. Our goal was to have 3 colors, red, black  and blue. Once we detected one color we utilized Python to detect two other colors. After this we developed the program to recognize color but record the sequence. If the detect sequence matched the “secret code” of blue black red then we allowed for the message to be given. Next we needed to create the mp3 file of what we desired the message to say and added it to the raspberry pi.

Lessons Learned: We learned how to use python, how to import into python, the language context needed to successfully utilize the python. We also learned how to time capture images using a camera and output audio files on the Raspberry Pi. We also learned how to detect color using captured images. We learned how to develop form for already preexisting objects, to be utilized in a new capacity.

We utilized these two websites to help with part of the coding:


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