Project 2.01 – Oatcam

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Making Things Interactive: Assignment 2 from Ryan B. on Vimeo.

For our second project, we were tasked with making a spy device using Raspberry Pi. This was my and Danita’s first time working with Raspberry Pi.

We created a motion sensing spy device using the Raspberry Pi, an oatmeal container, a PS3 Eye camera and a passive infrared (PIR) sensor. We used the WiringPi mapping for the GPIO pins to take in data from the PIR sensor and camera. It took us a while to get consistent results with these pins until we realized that one of the pins we were using had a built in pull up resistor. Changing pins did the trick.

We definitely pushed the Raspberry Pi’s processing power to its limits at times in the development process, but in the end we had a system that can consistently capture and store and transfer photos of passers by.

by Ryan and Danita


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