Construction Time Lapse

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Industry: Time lapse photography is often used by high end developers and contractors to document a project. This can be shown to future or current clients.

Two interesting commercial venues for time lapse include construction time lapse camera’s such as Brinno’s and time lapse services such as The Time-Lapse Company’s. The former caters to mid range contractors while the later targets high end developers.

The scope of projects and the subject of the projects documented using construction cameras is fascinating, however, there is little or no interaction or relationship between the time lapse video and the construction project. As well, Brinno advertises “instant video,” however, instant here indicates that every day’s photographs are automatically compiled into a video. I am interested in real time updates and compilation. This offers the possibility for interaction with the time lapse video, perhaps on a scale of time that people don’t usually interact with video cameras on.

Art: The avant-garde theater troupe, The Wooster Group, plays with the kind of back and forth between recorded and live video that I am interested in. In this section from Hamlet the actors recreate a movie of Hamlet which the have memorized every movement of. Simultaneously a camera is trained at the actors. This causes the viewer to think of memory and time and their interaction through video. With the sort of live video feed I am interested in creating, these sorts of issues would be brought up, however, the viewer would get a chance not just to observe, but to interact with the video recording.


Academia: Another aspect of live video feed time-lapse would be the possibility to interact and see the results of one’s actions over a long period of time. This is something which The Long Now organization is trying to do; they are trying to shift our temporal focus from the short, to the long term. It’s an interesting problem when so much media today is focused on increasingly short time intervals; short cuts.



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