“Ar Drone Parro-Tweet” by John Mars, Yeliz Karadayi, and Dan Russo

Assignment,Submission — Dan Russo @ 7:39 am

Parro-Tweet from Dan Russo on Vimeo.

Parro-Tweet utilizes the AR Drone hardware platform coupled with Open Frameworks and the twitter api. Open frameworks allows the drone to be controlled multiple sources, including a remote laptop with gaming controller or the raspberry pi with custom control panel.  The drone can be used to seek out photos and instantly place them on a twitter feed.

The biggest challenge with this hardware platform was the latency experienced from the video feed outside of it’s designated mobile app.  This is most likely due to the compression type the wifi connection uses.  It’s proprietary nature made it difficult to find any documentation on how to fully utilize the system.  The latency made it nearly impossible to run any computer vision / navigation through open frameworks.  However, all manual controls and the twitter api are fully functional.



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