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Interactive Surfaces

Video (No embed-able version, sorry!)

In this project, Bruno Zamborlin, uses a microphone to detect when people are tapping an object. The interesting thing that Zamborlin is doing here is to make the device portable as well as customize the sounds the it creates. This, as demoed in the video, creates the impression that different surfaces or objects are different instruments.



This project brings an old technology into new use by using dual-tone multifrequency signaling to allow researchers to communicate under water. To me, this is an interesting project since it is sending the same message, but changing the medium of the message in between the recipients to break the problem of traditional sound not traveling well through the water.

Resonant Chamber

Resonant Chamber | Making from rvtr on Vimeo.

This project allows for the roof of the performance room to be changed to allow for optimal acoustics. While the initial version of the project is done via manual controls of the structure, they do plan to later add microphone input to make instant changes to the structure based on the music being played. The concept as presented shows how sound could effect space and make dynamically transform to a desired state.


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