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Better late than never is what they say right? Well after a few speed bumps, the ultimate surveillance tool is complete!

Spybrero from Tommy Doyle on Vimeo.

The Spybrero uses a raspberry pi in conjunction with a raspberry pi camera module to create a spy cam. The raspberry pi (via the GPIO pins) is attached to conductive thread that runs down the sides of the sombrero into the shirt of the user. The thread then continues down the sleeve to the button at the end of the sleeve. When the button is pressed, the program on the raspberry pi takes a photo and saves it to the SD card.

This project was very difficult for me mainly due to technical difficulties and debugging. I spent a large portion of time trying to get ofVideoGrabber to work, but it refused to recognize the Raspberry Pi camera module. Instead I ended up finding the ofxRaspiCamera addon for openFrameworks. This finally did the trick and let me finish the project. Additionally I used the wiringPi addon to interface with the GPIO ports. The biggest lesson I took away is to start much earlier (funny how that’s a reoccuring theme). Since my main experience is in software, hardware bugs or hardware related problems tend to throw me for more of a loop than I’m expecting and starting projects earlier as well as prototyping earlier will hopefully prevent a situation like this in the future. Regardless, this is some pretty bad ass spy gear that will no doubt be used by spies everywhere.

_DSC0001_DSC0005_DSC0018 _DSC0041_DSC0054


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