Sensate – Final Documentation

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Sensate is a project that explores how we can communicate more intimately over the internet. The idea was sparked when I saw the Apple Watch introduction, specifically when they talked about sharing your heartbeat with someone you love. It struck me as such a different interaction with technology. It carried a human element across the digital network to another person. This got me wondering about other ways in which we might be able to achieve the same effect; using new technology to convey very human, emotional, and intimate feelings across the internet to people you care about.



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Better late than never is what they say right? Well after a few speed bumps, the ultimate surveillance tool is complete!

Spybrero from Tommy Doyle on Vimeo.

The Spybrero uses a raspberry pi in conjunction with a raspberry pi camera module to create a spy cam. The raspberry pi (via the GPIO pins) is attached to conductive thread that runs down the sides of the sombrero into the shirt of the user. The thread then continues down the sleeve to the button at the end of the sleeve. When the button is pressed, the program on the raspberry pi takes a photo and saves it to the SD card.


Sensate – Concept Video

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Sensate – Concept Video from Tommy Doyle on Vimeo.

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